The Everyday Photographer Workshop!! {Family Photography Workshop}

At last I am ready to announce that I am offering limited mentoring spots in 2014!!!  So before I was a photographer I was a teacher and a coach.  When I had my twins I decided that I wanted to spend more time with them, so I quit teaching and became a full time mom.  I progressed into being a photographer, all the while coaching club volleyball.  So teaching is in right up my ally:)  I am so excited to get back into teaching and essentially coaching other photographers!!!  So.. here is the information about the workshops.  Please note that there will only be 1-2  per month for a mentoring opportunities.  There will also be ongoing help after the mentoring session takes place, so it is not over the day we finish shooting.  Please email me at for more information regarding a workshop type and dates that are available.

This workshop is for families and children, there is no newborns during this workshop.  A non refundable deposit will be required at time of booking and the rest is due 30 days prior to the mentoring.  Only photographers located 100 miles or further away are eligible for a mentoring spot.

Editing Examples:  I want to teach people how to shoot as close to the picture that they want so it is just a quick edit and it simply enhances the shot but doesn’t change it completely!!

But everyone makes mistakes, here I messed up my white balance, but in most cases you can fix it:)  So here I forgot to change my white balance between locations, but I LOVED this shot!!!  So I just had to fix it!!

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