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Look Who is One!! {Austin Family Photographer)

This little girl and her family is just so sweet. We have been planning this session for a while, and I know her momma has been thinking about it to. We had a few ideas, and although they didn’t all turn out exactly like I had invisioned, I still love them. There is a couple things that I learned from this shoot…

1. The weather in Austin is always unpredictable, but especially in April. The first date we selected was too cold so we rescheduled. Then the second date came up and it was warm so we went for it (we were attempting to get in the water for a few images.)
2. Flowers DO NOT FLOAT. Yah, you would have thought they did, well I did, LOL… But they don’t. They get wet and sink. And with the water moving so fast they did not stay still.
3. The most unplanned images are usually my favorites!! I just LOVE the ones with her stuffed animal, they could not be sweeter!!!

I hope her momma likes her little sneak peek:)


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